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The Auxiliary of Pembina County Memorial Hospital Association is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of PCMHA.  The Auxiliary is invaluable to our success and we extend our heartfelt thanks to each member.  From the earliest days of the hospital, the PCMHA Auxiliary has supported the hospital, rural healthcare clinic, nursing home and senior independent living apartments through fundraising events.  The Auxiliary has given time and financial support to help make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and residents.

The Auxiliary dates back to the establishment of the hospital and proudly served the institution through the years.  Eighty-four members formed the PCMHA Auxiliary in April of 1953.  Those women scrubbed floors and cleaned the hospital prior to its opening.  For about ten years, they held a gathering when people from the community would bring produce from their gardens.  This "in-gathering" supplied the hospital kitchen with canned goods for the coming year.

Currently, the PCMHA Auxiliary hosts annual pie social in June, participates in Music & Art in the Park in July and a bazaar and bake sale in September.  They also have gift cases located within the hospital and nursing home with various items for sale.

Those interested in helping continue the tradition of giving to PCMHA & helping provide the needed services are encouraged to join the Auxiliary by calling Lisa LeTexier at 701-265-6228.