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Acute Care

Pembina County Memorial Hospital's commitment to total care emphasizes compassion and concern. Our team includes specialists, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that make your care their highest concern. These highly skilled and dedicated employees ensure your every need is met.

Care Coordinator

Pembina County Memorial Hospital care coordinator provides a complete healthcare plan and a discharge plan to ensure healing continues even after patients are discharged from  PCMH. The patient will recieve a health care that is comprehensive and personal with respect as an individual; that takes into consideration not only the immediate issues but also it s consequences; and providing a linkage of resources and services needed to support continuity and appropriate care.

The development of a discharge plan is based on interaction with patient, signicant other(s), and members of the multidisciplinary team as appropriate, to include but not limited to, (direct care providers, pharmacy, dietary, business office, home health care, social services and utilization and quality management).