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Health Care Directives

The North Dakota law regarding "health care directives" is found in Chapter 23-06.5 of the North Dakota Century Code.

A health care directive is a legal document that permits you to:

  1. Give instructions about any aspect of your health care;
  2. Choose a person to make health care decisions for you;
  3. Give instructions about specific medical treatments you do or do not want;
  4. Give other instructions, including where you wish to die; or
  5. Making an anatomical gift.

Upon request, Pembina County Memorial Hospital will provide you with information on health care directives, or click here to view the North Dakota Healthcare Directives on the ND Department of Human Services website.

Directory of Pembina County Resources and Services For Senior Citizens

Goal:  The goal of this community resoure guide is to raise awareness about and promote resources available to caregivers and aging individuals who desire to live independently in rural Pembina County.

This document was developed in order to address a priority need identified within the 2014 Community Health Needs Assessment.

This assessment was a collaborative effort completed by Pembina County Memorial Hospital and Pembina County Public Health.