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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitative Services

Pembina County Medical Hospital Rehabilitation Services Department provides the highest quality of standard of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services.  Our excellent staff work with patients to relieve pain and discomfort, promote healing, regain movement, and restore function.  We also help rebuild confidence and motivation, and help you adapt to physical changes.

We have staff trained in working with children and infants who may have developmental delays or simple orthopedic problems.  We also see children with sports injuries or after broken bones or surgeries, to help them get back to normal functioning and participating in sports.

We have trained therapists working with people who have had neurological injuries such as strokes, head injuries or spinal cord injuries, or who have neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy.

We can help those who have swelling in their legs or arms.  We have a therapist specifically trained in treating individuals who have lymphadema.

Several of our therapists have recently been trained in LSVT BIG, which is a program that benefits people who have Parkinsons Disease.  This special program trains people with Parkinsons Disease to increase movements so they are at a larger and more normal speed.  They increase balance and corrdination to improve daily activities and quality of life.

We have therapists who are trained in the use of Graston technique which helps mobilize scar tissue, break up adhesions, to decrease pain and increase mobility of injured tissue.